The EPLO Law & Governance Archive
The Law & Governance Archive- "e-PublicLaw" of the EPLO-European Public Law Organization, provides archiving , authentication and dissemination services for academic intellectual property within the wider field of Public Law and Governance. It welcomes the publication of articles, studies, monographs, dissertations, projects, researches as well as any kind of intellectual contribution of academics, researchers and legal practitioners worldwide. The repository protects intellectual work and disseminates it to relevant audiences. We accept texts written in any official language provided they are accompanied by a summary in English.  In the repository  you will also find digitized articles, publications' abstracts, digital material for conference proceedings. The repository's role is to contribute to the systematic gathering, organized management and online dissemination of open source content in the area of Public Law and Governance, as well as to contribute to its long-term storage and preservation.

Target Audience
The "EPLO Law & Governance Archive" is addressed to researchers, students, legal practitioners and anyone interested to study and/or register material relevant to public law and governance as well as to be further informed on the activities of the EPLO. Any registered user is able to navigate, research or upload relevant material.

The development of the repository
The "EPLO Law & Governance Archive" was developed by the National Documentation Centre (NDC) in collaboration with the European Public Law Organization (EPLO), under the Act "National Information System for Research and Technology / Social Networks - Content Generated by Users". The act is part of the Operational Program "Digital Convergence" of the NSRF (co-funded by Greece and the European Union - European Regional Development Fund).